50p pot challenge

After the success of last years challenge we’ve decided to do it again but this time we are hoping to fill more than 300 pots!

The challenge is simple – fill as many pots as you can with 50ps and return to the Welcome Centre by the first week of December.

We all know how stressful Christmas can be, but imagine if you add to that the struggles and battles that our clients face each day. The stress of making Christmas a happy time for your children when you have no money. The Welcome Centre is asking you to help us make that day a little easier.

So how does a 50p pot help?

Using the money raised through the 50p pots the Welcome Centre will provide each client with a Christmas dinner pack to take home in addition to their normal food parcel. (Please note we do not cook Christmas dinner for clients)

The packs contain all the items someone needs to make Christmas dinner at home including fresh meat, fresh vegetables, stuffing, gravy, condiments, ham, custard, mince pies, chocolate and a christmas pudding and more.


How do you get a pot or two?

Pots are available at the Welcome Centre or can be posted to you/dropped off where possible.

Each pot is accompanied by a leaflet which tells you how you can increase your donation via Gift Aid.

When do we need it back?

Ideally pots should be returned to us by no later than the first week of December so that we can buy the food items needed however we will accept them back at any time.

What happens if we receive more money than you need to buy the packs?

Any surplus monies will be put back in to the provision of food for local people in crisis.