(Main centre) The Welcome Centre, 15 Lord Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1QB

(Warehouse & Donations) Unit 7 Queens Mill Industrial Estate, Queens Mill Road, Lockwood, Huddersfield, HD1 3RR

Switchboard Tel :01484 515086

Referrals Tel: 01484 340034 (between 10am and 4pm only)

Our current partners

We currently work with a variety of food and non food organisations who support us with food, financial donations and volunteers. Partners include Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrison’s, One17 Design, Greggs, Marks and Spencer and many more.

“Stafflex are glad to have the opportunity to invest in the well-being of our local community. We applaud the way in which the Welcome Centre operates and wish it the very best of luck over the coming year”

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The Welcome Centre have been supported by One17 Design for many years. They have supported us with the design, development and print of our promotional materials such as leaflets, logos and postcards. To find out more  visit one17design.com


“We work with the Welcome Centre as we do with many organisations because we believe that this is our social responsibility. We seek to use any food that we cannot sell but which is fresh and safe to eat to provide nourishment to any needy person. As a company we have always been involved in our communities at a local and UK wide level. In the last few years we have put a great deal of emphasis and energy into trying to make sure that we provide charities and good causes with as much support as we can.”

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Community Cards have been working hard to fundraise on behalf of the Welcome Centre since October 2010 and by early 2015 we had donated  a staggering £5200 .This has enabled them to buy much needed stocks of food and household  items and to feed local people in crisis. We have successfully set up 11 outlets to sell cards within the community along with 9 groups of volunteers within church and community settings who use recycled cards to make new cards for sale. We do this so we can help   local people in crisis”   


I was lucky enough to visit The Welcome Centre recently and I got to meet some of the staff and volunteers who work there, and was astounded not only by the amount of people they provide food and other useful goods to, but also by their exceptional organisation and professionalism in the way they work. The Welcome Centre is invaluable for the community and they are a great example of how dedicated workers are tackling a worrying problem in the UK. At Suma we aim to produce as little food waste as possible, so when we do find ourselves with food we can not sell we try and send it to organisations such as The Welcome Centre where it is really appreciated. I hope we can continue to support them by diverting food we are unable to sell on to them.” Rebecca


“I chose the Welcome Centre for my “Day to make a difference” as I felt I could get really involved. It was really gratifying see all the help and donations that shops and people contributed”

“It really opens your eyes to see how many families and individuals need these resources. I was touched by the people who volunteer and how much care they put in to every single parcel”

“It was amazing to see the great work the centre does for vulnerable people and families. I hadn’t put much thought into all of the logistical challenges of running such an operation that needs to feed people not only a balanced diet, but one that caters for their individual needs”


At Sainsbury’s Shorehead, we want to help make a positive difference to our community and one of the ways we can do this is by supporting the work of local groups such as “The Welcome Centre” in Huddersfield. We are proud to be able to supply them with freshly baked bread from our in store bakery and other household items from the store. We also operate a highly successful and very popular food donation service for our customers to use to support them in their work.”  Tim Bagshaw—Deputy Manager Sainsbury’s Shorehead


Morrisons in Huddersfield have been working with the Welcome Centre since January 2017 as part of their wider company Unsold Food Charity programme. The programme makes sure that good food in Morrisons stores never goes to waste and is instead redistributed to local community groups for social benefit. So far, Morrisons has donated over 2.3 million products to local community groups in the first year of the programme. The Welcome Centre collects from the Huddersfield store three times per week, using unsold food to provide food parcels for those local people in need.

“We’re proud to support the work of the Welcome Centre. It’s great that they are able to utilise Morrisons unsold food items to really help local people in our community who are in crisis.”  Debbie Creaser, Community Champion, Morrisons Huddersfield.


To see who else has been helping the Welcome Centre see our news pages http://thewelcomecentre.org/news/