Harvest is once again upon us and as we are supported in such an amazing way by our community at this time we thought it would help to share with you some information.

If you have chosen to support The Welcome Centre this Harvest Festival below is some information about what we are in need of most, where and when you can donate etc.

This year so that you can help us with our most desperate shortages we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 items. These are things we always run out of and often have to buy to make sure we have them for our food packs. We do accept all tinned, dried in date foods, toiletries and pet food.

Top 10 items 

  1. Tinned meatballs

  2. Jam

  3. Sugar

  4. Corned beef or tinned ham

  5. Tinned fish

  6. Instant noodles, pasta or rice such as mug shots

  7. Tea bags

  8. Dried mash or tinned potatoes

  9. Shampoo

  10. Toothpaste

Where and when can I donate?

Ideally all donations are best brought to our warehouse at Unit 7 Queens Mill Road, Lockwood between 10.15am and 1.15pm Monday to Friday. If you haven’t visited us before we have parking available at this site and the best way to spot us is to look for the Signs Express sign on Queens Mill Road. We are on the same industrial estate and you can park easily.

If these times are not suitable for you or you require any further information please contact Emma to discuss other opening times on 01484 515086 or email [email protected]

If your church or school prefers to make a donation of money rather than food, we’d be delighted to accept that as well. Although food is vitial to our service without the financial support of our community the food bank simply can’t run.

Once again thank you wholeheartedly from our team at The Welcome Centre for your support both at Harvest and throughout the year